Snooza Stay Dry Mat - Medium (750mmL x 510mmW)

List Price: $67.65

The Snooza Stay Dry Mat is the ideal mat for use in carriers & cages.

This synthetic stay dry mat lets dry air circulate through your pet's bedding keeping them warm, dry & comfortable. Flea, chew, stain & urine resistant, it is machine washable & pre-sterilised - perfect for the older pet or young puppy in training or with pets in carriers on planes. This is the matting that vets & breeders use in their carriers & cages.  it is autoclaveable - meaning it can be sterilised under pressure.

Comes in 4 sizes:

  • Small 510mmL x 380mmW
  • Medium 750mmL x 510mmW
  • Large 915mmL x 750mmW
  • Extra Large 1220mmL x 750mmW

Washing Instructions

Warm machine wash 40c. Cool rinse. Short spin only. Do not rub or ring. Do not iron. Do not bleach.

Price: $56.95
Weight: 1.5 kg