Snooza Pet Futon - Original (830mm x 530 mm)

List Price: $69.90

The Snooza Pet Futon offers the ultimate in versatility & comfort for your pet.

Inside a calico cover we put Australian wool blended with polyester to ensure it's a breeze to keep clean (it's machine washable & dry cleanable!) We close the cover, quilt the Futon to keep the filling in place & then encase it with a removable, printed calico, washable cover.

  • Warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Ideal for the car, weekends away, in the kennel or raised beds!

    As this product contains wool & natural calico, much like your own bedding, it’s important to air it out regularly. This is particularly important during winter or damp weather as wool naturally draws & stores moisture from the surrounding air.

    Replacement calico covers are always available or for the nonconformists, you can opt for a Futon Pillowcase cover instead (the same pillowslip design as the calico cover but with a bit more flair). A spare cover, whichever style you choose, is always handy so that one can be used while the other’s in the wash!

    Sizes (inners, covers are larger to allow for shrinkage):

      Length Width
    Mini 520mm 420mm
    Original 830mm 530mm
    Mighty 980mm 680mm



    Blue Calico


Butchers Stripe

Paws and Bones




Poly Plush


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Weight: 8 kg