Snooza Cat Scratching Pole Replacement Cover - Large

List Price: $44.90

Snooza's Range of Durable Cat Pole Covers are simple to replace.

Instead of throwing your cat pole away once your cat has clawed through the cover, simply replace it. Snooza cat poles are made from recycled plastic not timber. Simply slide off the old cover and slide on a new one. No nails, staples or splinters to contend with.

  • Snooza cat pole covers are nail/staple free - simply remove the old cover & slip on a new one.
  • Five colours to choose from so you'll never get tired of looking at it.
  • Snooza cat pole covers are made from a hard wearing synthetic fabric so they last a long time.
  • Snag and fray resistant.
  • Snug fit so they won't come off.
  • Fits the Snooza Large Cat Scratching Pole (720mm).
  • Can also be used on the Small Scratching Pole - just trim to fit.

Snooza Cat Pole Cover Colours







Price: $39.95
Weight: 0.3 kg