Sentinel Spectrum Tasty Chews Medium Dog 11 - 22kg - 3 pack

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Sentinel Tasty Chews combine the proven reliabilty of Sentinel tablets in a tasty beef flavoured treat.

 Sentinel Spectrum is a tasty monthly chewable treatment that protects your dog from fleas, heartworm, intestinal worms and tapeworm.

  • Protects against heartworm when given monthly
  • Treats and controls all major intestinal worms
  • Treats and controls tapeworm
  • Helps control fleas by stopping them from breeding

Sentinel Spectrum protects your dog from deadly heartworm. Immature heartworms are spread by mosquito bites. When the adults mature they live in the vessels of the heart and lungs, and can reach up to 30cm in length. Left untreated, heartworm disease causes heart failure and sadly death. Treatment for heartworm is dangerous and expensive, so prevention is essential.

Unlike some other monthly heartworm treatments, Sentinel Spectrum treats and controls tapeworm plus all major intestinal worms including roundworm, whipworm and hookworm. It also helps to control fleas by preventing adult fleas from breeding.

  • It contains the active ingredients milbemycin oxime and lufenuron.


  • Sentinel Spectrum Tasty Chews are highly palatable & most dogs will consume them when offered straight from your hand.


  • Sentinel Spectrum Tasty Chews must be administered with a meal.
    They can be given with a small quantity of food before the rest of the meal is given, hidden in the meal or immediately after feeding. Food is essential to ensure the adequate absorption of lufenuron. Watch your dog closely following administration to ensure the entire dose has been consumed.


  • Sentinel is well tolerated by dogs of all ages and breeds, including Collie breeds and breeding animals.


  • Sentinel can be given to puppies or dogs weighing over 500 grams from six weeks of age.

    One monthly treatment is all that is required in the prevention and control of fleas, the prevention of heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) disease and the treatment and control of roundworms (Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina), hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum), tapeworm (Taenia species) and whipworms (Trichuris vulpis) in dogs.

    Sentinel Tasty Chews must be given at monthly intervals, preferably on the same date each month. Treatment can begin at any time of the year. In areas where mosquitoes & fleas are seasonal treatment should begin one month prior to the expected onset & should continue till the end of the season. In areas with year round infestation, treatment should be undertaken throughout the year without interruption.

    If dogs have not been on a heartworm preventative prior to the use of Sentinel they should be tested for heartworm infection. Heartworm prevention programs should be started only in dogs found to be uninfected.

    For flea control all dogs and cats in a household must be treated in order to prevent the build up of developing fleas in the environment, thus establishing an infestation. All cats within the household should be treated with a flea treatment (ie Advocate, Advantage, Frontline or Revolution).

    If a dose is missed & a 30 day interval between dosing is exceeded administer Sentinel immediately & resume monthly treatments. If Sentinel is used to replace daily diethylcarbamazine (DEC) for heartworm the first dose must be given within 30 days of the last dose of DEC.

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