Max's Cat & Pet Litter 12.5 kg

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Max's is a fresh concept in cat and pet litter, specially formulated from plant materials to make life easier for you the pet owner.

Max's in summary provides:

  • Effective odour removal
  • Locks in moisture
  • Conveniently binds soiled litter which is easily removed
  • Less waste so it lasts longer
  • Easy disposal & garden friendly
  • Less dust so less mess

All Natural/Garden friendly

Max’s Cat Litter is made from natural ingredients, does not contain any harmful chemicals and is completely organic and biodegradable. It also contains useful nutrients and trace elements, making it an ideal garden compost with the ability to improve soil structure.

Made from recycled plant material

Max’s Cat Litter is a premium quality product that has been developed to cater for the personal hygiene needs of cats and other pets. The secret to Max’s Cat Litter is Oryzalite, an exclusive blend of plant materials from Australian rice farms, which is formed into free-flowing granules. This results in a natural litter material that is effective, easy to use and easy to dispose of.

Effective odour removal/absorbency

Cats and other pets do not like a smelly litter tray and neither do we. The smell of ammonia (a key component of foul odours) was kept to almost undetectable levels in experiments conducted by the Centre for ChemoSensory Research.

Expert assessment proved that Max’s Cat Litter performed better than mineral and clay based litters in the neutralization of odours.


Max’s Cat & Pet Litter will remain fresh for longer. The soiled litter can be removed and topped up with new litter. This provides a big saving as well as greater convenience.

Training Your Kitten or Cat to Use the Litter Tray
  1. When house training your kitten for the first time, placie it in the
    tray a few times after meals to ensure it develops a correct litter habits.
  2. For the comfort of your cat, it should have easy access to a private area
    containing a litter tray. Most cats will naturally start to use their litter tray
    when confined indoors.
  3. If changing litter type your cat will need to adapt to the new litter.
    Spread a little of your old type of litter over a tray containing Max’s
    Cat Litter. Your cat will quickly adopt it’s new litter after a few uses.
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