Lawrence Tendercare Cat Slicker Brush - Large

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The best soft slicker brush available, combining strength with softness. Super soft pad and fine pins specially for cats. Frequent brushing gives a silky coat and helps to prevent hairballs.

Tender Care "For Cats" are specially designed with an even softer pin pad for than the standard Tender Care range. Even though cats are very careful about their fur medium and long haired breeds still require grooming as their own coat care causes them to swallow loose hair causing "Hairballs" which can endanger your cat's well being. Regular grooming with a Tender Care for Cats can help to reduce this sometimes distressing problem.

Key Features of the Lawrence Tendercare Slicker range:

  • Light aluminium body with solid timber handle.
  • Cushioned soft pad and fine wire pins for gentle grooming.
  • The quality of design and manufacture makes them a pleasure to use.
  • The wire pins do not scratch the skin and cause brush burn.
  • The light weight construction gives the groomer, from amateurs to professionals better feel & confidence.
  • If used regulary slickers are great for removing dead hair and reducing matting.
  • Made in England.
  • Tender Care "For Cats" are available in just two sizes Small for Kittens and Small Cats or Large for Medium and Large Cats

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