K9 Trampoline Bed Replacement Sling/Mat - Small (700mm L x 700mm L)

List Price: $55.95

Replace the Sling not the whole bed !

For many raised beds on the market once the mat or sling is worn out the whole bed needs to be replaced. With the K9 Homes range of Flea Free Trampoline beds you only need replace the cover.

These replacement slings are made from an incredibly stong plastic mesh material.

  • Unlike hessian bags which are commonly used as replacement covers for trampoline beds, fleas cannot breed in this material.
  • In terms of durability these covers will outlast hessian five-fold.
  • They are tear resistant.
  • No crevices tor fleas or ticks to live in.
  • Because the mesh breathes, it will not absorb moisture and dries immediately.

You & your dog don't have to put up with a tatty sling.

  • Simply pull off the old sling & slip on a new one.
  • Slings available in 5 sizes.
  • Measure the size of your existing sling against the measurements below to ensure you get the right replacement.
Mini  700mm L x 650mm W
Small  700mm L x 700mm W
Medium  940mm L x 550mm W
Large  1010mm L x 700mm W
Jumbo  1120mm L x 790mm W
Price: $49.95
Weight: 2 kg